You may have put a lot of time and money into making the website for your business look great. It gets a lot of visitors because it is set up well for search engines. But you have a big problem: none of your visitors turn into leads. The best way to fix things is to make one or more landing pages, either by yourself or with the help of a good landing page development service.

Most marketers, even at the biggest companies, don’t realize how important landing pages are when it comes to getting conversions and leads. If you work for a business-to-business (B2B) company, about 45% of clicks on the main page may lead to the homepages of your partners. You’ll find a lot of information there, which will make your work and business offers almost useless. So, landing pages can help a lot because they are always made for specific groups of people. This means that the business proposal will almost always reach its goal.

So, marketers should think about making landing pages for their campaigns, new products, interesting offers, and the people they want to reach. Now, let’s talk about what a landing page is and why it’s so important for generating leads.

What is a landing page, and why is it so crucial?

What’s a landing page?

A landing page is a page on a website that is meant for the target audience or a part of that audience. It tells people in detail about a specific offer or product, and they can use a lead form to get this offer or product.

Landing pages are often used to help promote marketing campaigns and products. If you have an online workshop and want more people to go to it, you should order the design and development of a landing page that is geared toward the people you want to come to the workshop.

So, a landing page that works well for your needs needs to have some specific front-end elements. These are:

  • The title. It’s the first thing people will see, so it should be clear and to the point. It should answer the question, „What can I get here?”
  • An image. It gets people’s attention and makes the page or product it promotes look better and more interesting.
  • A copy. It’s what you call the words on a landing page. It should tell people why the offer is good for them, what problems it can solve, and what they can get out of it. It should be very clear and to the point, and the best way to do that is with bullet points. The list should show what’s good about the product or service and persuade people to buy it or use it.
  • Keywords. They should be in the page’s title, headers, and text so that search engines can find the landing page and show it to users in the first spots.
  • An inquiry form. If there are a lot of form fields to fill out, people are less likely to convert. To get as many people to sign up as possible, use only the name and email address fields.
  • Share buttons or links for social media sites. Make it easier for people to share the landing page with their contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. It will help the page reach more people and be available to more people, which will lead to more conversions and leads.
  • No (or hidden) navigation. Your landing page doesn’t need any extra menus, links to other pages or websites, etc. on the top or sides. If users see these links or menus, they might click on them and leave this page because they want to see what’s behind them. People might not convert if they are distracted by this, so keep your attention on your offer and CTA.
  • Only one CTA. If you have more than one CTA on your landing page, your visitors will get confused and be less likely to convert because they will be thinking about other options.

Using JavaScript, HTML5, or CSS3 for front-end development will help your landing page be very interactive. Ask your developer to choose the best programming language for your online business. It’s better to plan out how the page will look ahead of time.

The landing page should be followed up with a „thank you” page. When a user accepts an offer, they need to get a confirmation and some more details about it. The „thank you” page needs to give them a white paper or login information so they can take the next step.

You have to test your page after you’ve made it to see which parts and methods you used to make it are the most effective. So, you can figure out if a video, an infographic, or text will work best for you. Or what colors and styles of CTAs work best. Because of this, you should keep testing the landing page, since your audience’s needs and preferences may change over time.

What’s the point of a landing page?

Now, to understand how important the landing page is, it’s important to see how it works. If your developer used the right backend and frontend methods, the page will work very well. Take the situation below as an example.

Let’s say you run a business that fixes computers. You do a lot of professional work to fix, maintain, and support your clients’ hardware and software as part of your services. As a marketer, you have a blog for your business where you talk about the technical parts of computer repair and maintenance. You also have some marketing offers, like online video guides, webinars, and „How To” presentations with tips and tricks.

Now, let’s say a freelance web designer who has very young children and can’t leave them even for a short time has trouble downloading apps or extensions for her work. She types „How to download this extension” into the tab for the search engine and finds your blog. „What the Best Extensions for Web Design in 2022 Are” is the title of this article. When she gets to the end of the article, she sees a CTA, which is an ad for one of the web design extensions you’ve talked about in the article or a link to a free consultation on how to install this extension on a computer. The woman decides that it’s exactly what she was looking for and clicks the CTA. So, she gets to the landing page where she can download the extension or get a free consultation on how to install web design extensions on her computer.

So, it is very important for a business marketer to make as many landing pages as possible, make them easy for potential customers to find, understand, and use, and optimize them for the website, blog, and search engines. Using Next.js to build the framework for the React JavaScript library in the right way will help a developer make a page that works well and is optimized.

What’s a landing page?

What Landing Pages Can Do for You

If you still need more proof that landing pages are important for your business, let’s look at what they can do for you:

  • More people will buy from and sign up for your website. Landing pages focus on one offer or marketing campaign and are made for a certain audience.
  • If the back-end software is set up to do this, the analytics will give you important information. They show you which marketing methods work best for your target audience and which channels they use to bring you more traffic and sales.
  • The development of targeted content and the front-end development for it are both important. You can get more specific with the words, pictures, and messages that work best for the people you want to reach.
  • It is now easier than ever to get information about a group’s demographics. The conversion forms that the prospect leads fill out can give your marketing team important information. You will know better who is looking for your products and services, what their needs and problems are, and what they might expect from your business in the future.
  • You can keep track of when old leads turn into customers again. So, you can figure out what your business’s chances are based on what your leads do next on your website. You can change your sales process based on what you’ve learned here.
  • Adding more people to your social media audience can make more people interested in your products and services, which can increase sales and leads. You can set up more marketing campaigns for these users and the people they know, send them personalized emails, and link your offers to PPC ads that are easier to find in organic search.

You will also get a general idea of how well your marketing campaigns are working. When you use libraries and back-end features to track and analyze the metrics for your existing landing pages, you will get a general idea of how well your marketing is doing. That will help you improve and optimize the ways you market.

The Good Things About Landing Pages

So, remember that your website needs landing pages if you want your business to be more successful. The more landing pages you make, the more likely it is that people who visit your website will become leads, which is good for your business.

Marketing teams should know why a landing page is an important part of the company’s online promotion and what benefits it can bring. We hope that we have shown you why landing pages are so important.

We also tried to answer the question of how a landing page works. It’s important to know because you need certain tools and software to make landing pages that work. There are now all the tools needed for both front-end and back-end development. So, don’t wait days or weeks to make landing pages. Instead, find a webmaster or IT resource who can do it for you. They can do that in a few minutes, and this is great news for you.

One Last Thing